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Trust Traders (TT) established in 1995 as an individual and independent company. Specialized in Roof Making , Thermal Insulation and Waterproofing Systems. Spear headed by dynamic teams of professionals offering a divers range of services and goods. TT Provides solutions for all kinds of new Roofing and Re-roofing.


Trust Traders offers a permanent and reliable Roofing and Roofing Products those been approved by testing laboratories and the appraisal authorities worldwide.

All the wooden materials and special bolts are well selected and sized according to our roofing expertise drawings and their supervision to handover the best and strongest roof works possible.


Our skilled laborers are well- trained and equipped to work under though conditions without effecting the work finishing.

When Dr. Ahmed Bahman created the company his goal was to bring the finest and reliable Roof Tile Products from all parts of the world to the Middle East markets. Dealing with many different manufactures allows for the greatest variety in sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Our tiles range from subtle Mediterranean blends, Country French or old English to Far East Asian glazed tiles for restoration Projects.


Over the years the product line has constantly evolved to ensure the best products and services are available to our customers. All the Roof Tiles either Natural Clay, Antiques, Glazes or Light Weight included in our line must be according to international standard and 100% suiting Middle east climate and specially the Gulf Region. What this means to you is that all tiles sold by Trust Traders will hold up to the freezing of winter and the heat of summer in the Gulf. In additional all our tiles are covered by the manufactures limited 10-30 years warranty depending on the type of Roof Tiles.



All types of Roof Tiles, fittings, accessories, specialty underpayment, thermal insulation foils, waterproofing membranes, storm clips, snow guards, channel and ventilation systems, a flexible mortar system, as well as roofing expert advise is all available with Trust Traders. Enjoy reviewing our products range, and let's see if we can tempt you too.